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If you have been on social media for the last few days, then you are probably aware of the latest challenge being posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. No it’s not the #MannequinChallenge (that’s already played out,) this one comes courtesy of the legendary Shirley Ceasar and one of her most famous sermons. The #UNameItChallenge […]

Entertainment News

An old school trapper hat and an Eight Ball jacket, a style popular in the 90’s, was the fashion statement a man made that he…

Last week, 8 year old Sophia Grace Brownlee released her very own youtube video covering Nicki Minaj’s hit single “Super Bass” with her 5 year old cousin Rosie. The video went viral with over 7 billion views and landed the 8 year old on the Ellen show. Nicki Minaj surprises Sophia and her hype girl […]

Remember when Sefus hit his no neck dougie for America? Well, Sefus is back to show us all how to do the ultimate Carlton dance. Sefus even went as far as to dress up for this one. Check out the video below and cheer Sefus on as he shows Alfonso Ribiero how its done. Related […]

Actor Richard T. Jones best known for his role in Why Did I Get Married, Why Did I Get Married, Too, Gives Embarrassing Commencement speech at University of Maryland University College. He steps up to that podium and totally bombed during his entire speech. “Wow! I had this great speech ready for you guys and […]

Today in WTF news, a 300 pound man decides to perform Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” dance routine from the music video. He clearly has no shame in his game since he recorded the routine for all of us to see. Wanna see it, here it go. Spotted @CarltonJordan Related Post: No Neck Dougie, Mya “Sex […]

Remember Ted Williams, the man with the “Golden Voice”?  Williams is headed back to rehab after walking out of a rehabilitation program earlier this year.

With advances in technology making it easy for anyone to become an amateur musician or filmmaker, some use it to create hilarious videos painting game show contestants as racists.   Take for instance this cleverly edited video of a Wheel Of Fortune contestant who “outs” himself as a racist.

We already know day after day people in America are on their grind to become famous. What better way to do it than by being seen in your very own viral video? The only  problem is that sometimes these viral videos are not always done in good taste or on purpose.   Here is a […]