According to TMZ, Soulja Boy’s house was robbed  yesterday when he wasn’t home and had $10,000 cash and $12,000 worth of jewerly. Soulja’s surveillance camera did capture an image of the man and the LAPD are investigating, according to TMZ.  

Follow @a_plus on Twitter & IG:   Wack 100, Game & Ray J‘s manager as well as a reputable figure from the West Coast, says that the much-hyped Celebrity Boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown is controlled by the Pirus, not Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent. It’s a “Piru thang, and a West […]

Dr. Ian Smith shares whether he thinks Chris Brown & Soulja Boy has a better chance of winning.

Kelly Price hopped on instagram yesterday and was super excited to announce she’s singing the national anthem at the big fight.

According to TMZ, the fight IS going to happen in Dubai. They were going to fight in Vegas ,but  there are lots of rules regulating Pay-Per-View fights in Vegas such as mandatory drugs tests. Chris and Soulja Boy wanted to give away the proceeds to some charity, but even if they do, they will still […]

Follow @a_plus on Twitter & IG:   Okay, now I’m worried. Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are about to box, while Mike Tyson is about to go in the booth. What. Is. Happening. (In all seriousness, I wanna hear the whole song. It could be fire. LMAO)

As 2016 came to a close, rapper Soulja Boy became the most entertaining person to watch.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have been beefing heavy since the start to this year.

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The 49ers quarterback donated his sneaker collection to orphanages and homeless shelters in the San Francisco Bay area.

Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown? 21 Savage vs 22 Savage? Tim Thomas vs Kenyon Martin? If these fights actually go down, who’s coming out victorious versus their opponent?

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy's Instagram beef escalated very quickly in the first week of 2017.