Desiigner was super lit at Stone Soul 2016 and after it he took a few minutes to talk to our very own Paris Nicole. During the interview he reveals the meaning of “Panda” (catch it at the 1:42 mark) and tells us that song you think is him, really isn’t (find that at 2:22 mark). MORE FROM […]

Desiigner has reason to be hype. He has the number one song in the country and he’s clearly excited about it. He  and the “Panda” – hit the stage at #StoneStoulRVA … and it was LIT! MORE FROM STONE SOUL 2016 Desiigner Gets Lit At Stone Soul 2016 Why MadeInTYO Won’t Put Out An Album Anytime […]

according to XXL Magazine: Desiigner’s “Panda” hit is holding No. 14 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. This is far higher than any Future solo release. The highest spot Future has attained on his own is No. 28. The most success Future has found came through last year’s tandem with Drake as “Jumpman” did reach […]

Headkrack reports there are more rumors floating around about Drake and Rihanna. But this might be a good thing since Drake has been snatching up…