Flow of Wisdom Radio continues to expose more information that mainstream media usually will not cover. My guest, Brandon Turbeville wrote an excellent book, “Seven Real Conspiracies.” His book is written in a simplistic format that anyone that has become aware of the so-called conspiracy theories, will be able to understand the agenda that has […]

Big Brother is watching you. Check out the technology they have on deck to watch everything you do and of course “it’s for your safety.”

Here is another clip of my interview with Doc Marquis. This will give you an understanding of how the illuminati uses numbers and gematria pertaining to certain dates and occult holidays. Click Here Please subscribe to YouTube.com/FlowofWisdomTV

This is a clip of a two part interview I did with former Illuminatist, Doc Marquis discussing the 7 part plan of the Illuminati. You can hear the full interview here Follow me on Twitter @Sean_Anthony Subscribe to my YouTube.com/FlowofWisdomTV