Special K breaks it down with ten ways you can figure it out for yourself.

Special K has put together a list of all the ignorant things he wishes Obama would do on his last day.

All the amazing people we lost in 2016 made the year pretty devastating.

When Donald Trump won the election, a lot of America was sure that him becoming President would usher in the end of the world. But, according to Special K, his win has actually had some unintended positive effects. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive clip […]

Things have been pretty tense in the United States since, as Special K puts it, “we got a president that’s loved by the Klan.” So he decided to say a spoken word poem for everyone who is coping with fear and worry in the aftermath of the devastating choice Americans made on election day last […]

Special K put an incredibly well researched list of names together. These names statistically most often belong to people who ain’t about “sugar honey iced tea,” as Special K says. He found them for both men and women, and the results might shock you! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click on the audio player to […]

Special K was inspired by spoken word performances by Big Krit and Lecrae at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. His spoken word, however, is about the 2016 election. He echoes black people’s concerns about knowing that Donald Trump is not the presidential pick for us, but not really feeling Hillary Clinton either. Sign Up For Our […]

3] We are most familiar with Special K‘s comedic skills as he puts them to use on the morning show every day, but, as Headkrack explains, the man’s comedy set, live and on stage, is a force to be reckoned with! He has an exciting announcement about an amazing opportunity he received from Kevin Hart […]

Special K says the Oprah Winfrey Network is reaching with their newest venture, TV show called “Ponytail Rescue,” a counseling show for women. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Special K says the show aims to help women who have been scarred by their ponytails. Click on the audio player to hear more of this hilarious […]

Matthew Knowles is never one to stop his hustle. According to Special K, rumor has it that he’s about to introduce a new trio of singers to the world. He’s calling the new singing group “Destiny’s Grandparents,” and it’s apparently just what the world is crying out for! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! But which […]

Last night, Special K spoke a friend who was just fed up, and he was inspired to share with us some of the things they talked about. He touches on some of the crazy, childish, silly, or ridiculous things that people continue to do even though they should really just… stop! Sign Up For Our […]