Jeff Johnson

By this point, we all know that Black Tony‘s favorite rapper of all is Gucci Mane. Well, he finally got the chance of a lifetime to speak to his idol on the phone! He absolutely freaked out, and he’s been celebrating ever since! He calls up Rickey Smiley to tell him all about the amazing […]

Last night’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the first of three, and revealed a lot about the differences between the candidates before us. The 2016 election depends heavily on the turnout of voters, a turnout which is not guaranteed. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Jeff Johnson notes a common explanation of why […]

When Ryan Lochte got caught in his bold-face Olympic lie, half of us immediately pointed fingers, while the rest of the world made excuses for him. Among the most popular- and outrageous -excuse used to protect the Olympic swimmer was “he’s just a kid.” Sign Up For Our Newsletter! A kid. A 32-year-old man was […]

From August 12-14th, 2016, four trillion gallons of rain fell in Louisiana, leading to the rescues of about 20,000 people. 10,000 are living in shelters, and other people have even lost their lives. But despite all the tragedy and chaos, there has been nothing but unity in Louisiana as communities try to battle the flooding […]

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games have proven to be a source of inspiration for viewers worldwide. But this year has shown itself to be especially exciting for the black community, as black athletes at the games are cleaning up gold medals left and right for the USA. Beyond the victories, however, Jeff Johnson has 3 […]

As we observe the second anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, Jeff Johnson takes a moment to spotlight on the Black Lives Matter Movement. It took the reigns in assisting the black voice to be heard in the national discussion that took place after the shooting. The movement had […]

Jeff Johnson called into “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to talk about how we are in a state of war. Johnson explained that he wasn’t talking about being violent but gave insight to what WAR stands for. W stands for wisdom, what will you read and what websites will you go to? Architecture, we must […]

Rickey Smiley talks about the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile with Jeff Johnson. Smiley calls these shootings modern day lynchings. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Johnson talked about Officer Nakia Jones and her speech as well as racist behavior by certain officers. He believes the federal government should take away money that benefits […]

As it is declared that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democratic party in this year’s presidential election, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama set up a meeting behind closed doors. The meeting could be about any number of things, but Jeff Johnson is pretty sure he knows exactly what POTUS and Sanders are discussing- the […]

Not only was Muhammad Ali a heavyweight champion in his boxing career, but his work in civil and human rights made him a hero for just about everyone. As the world mourns the loss of one of the most revolutionary figures black history, his passing has brought us to reexamine his life and legacy. Sign Up […]

A cartoon by a man named Ben Garrison depicts a harshly exaggerated muscular and unfeminine version of Michelle Obama next to a dainty and femininely illustrated Melania Trump, with the caption “make the first lady great again.” The cartoon plays into ancient racist stereotypes about black women, that they are man-ish and brute and just inherently […]

Jeff Johnson brings to our attention a trial of Black Lives Matter protestors currently going on in L.A., even though those being tried were only involved in…