The Early Childhood Health Fair is happening Monday, August 7, 2023 at the Petersburg Public Library Event Center (11am-4pm). Come out for community resources and information to promote early childhood health and welllness. *Click Here For Full Details*

While it is still hot outside females, we still need to protect our skin and keep our skin healthy in this heat. The most important tip is to keep your skin hydrated and clear, this can be done by drinking water and not as many sugars. Also eating a healthy diet is key in this […]

The queen B is giving fans an inside look into her weight loss journey, in preparation for Coachella. In a two-minute long video, titled “22 Day Nutrition”, Beyoncé shares that she weighed 175 pounds, on the first day of practice for Coachella.     “22 Day Nutrition” is a nutrition program that Beyoncé started with […]

The holidays are here! So how are you honestly feeling FitGirl? Are you dreading this calorie-heavy celebration or are you counting down the days until…

Are you looking for a way to get active and connect with black women right here in the city of Richmond? If so, Black Girls Run might be the organization for you. I got a chance to sit down with the National CEO of Black Girls Run, Jay Ell Alexander, to discuss the organization and the […]

  Rick Ross suffers another health scare after he was unable to breathe and suffered a seizure backstage during a performance at New York’s B.B. King’s. Fans waited for over an hour while Ross’s team has a masseuse come and give the boss a massage to relax his body. On March 1st Ross was rushed […]

Two people in Florida were greeted with a disgusting surprise when they were ready to eat a Organic Marketside Spring Mix salad and… found a dead bat. Even worse, they discovered the deceased mammal after already taking a bite of their salad. The food was purchased from Walmart and now there has been a regional recall of […]

Jay Ell Alexander is a public relations professional who is committed to giving back to the community through communications, health, and fitness.

Gary With Da Tea was reporting a story about Beyonce & Jay Z gearing up to visit Kanye West in the hospital, when he began to share his own personal experience with mental breakdowns. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! He talks about why mental breakdowns are serious business, and that a person isn’t truly themselves […]

At this point, it’s pretty normal day for most of us when news breaks that Kanye West has done something strange, like one of his signature long rants in public or on national television. But with his recent admittance into the hospital, it’s important to look at his mental state with seriousness and note all […]

Jeezy has certainly slimmed down since he first came onto the scene years ago. He talks about how he made the lifestyle switch to dedicating more time to taking care of himself. Through some changes in diet and exercise, he has not only slimmed down, but he has also become just an overall healthier person. […]