I know as ladies we all want to look our best at all times so we throw on some heels for a nice night out or on date night. But with heels, our feet start hurting after a while which alters our walk a little and sometime. We sometimes have to bring a extra pair […]

I wouldn’t have every imagined K. Michelle making a record with the City Girls and/or Kash Doll. I love the visuals! Fans have mixed emotions about this song. Check out the official video ‘SUPAHOOD’ by K. Michelle feat the City Girls & Kash Doll. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

It’s the remix! Saweetie has a hit remix “on her hands” with this one. A lot of fans (according to their social media posts) are surprised to hear Jhené Aiko on the remix and others, well, aren’t for their own reasons. Jhené Aiko sounds good on the remix to me! Check out the official “My […]

Special K put an incredibly well researched list of names together. These names statistically most often belong to people who ain’t about “sugar honey iced tea,” as Special K says. He found them for both men and women, and the results might shock you! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click on the audio player to […]

343] Rapper Tory Lanez explains why he hasn’t had to cut anybody off since his career took off. He also details what truly makes him happy, especially when it comes to his music. He talks what his goals are in reaching audiences with is music, and who he’s really making his songs for. Sign Up […]

Relationship expert Spirit was in the building answering questions with Rickey Smiley. Rickey picked Spirit’s brain about a conversation he had with his daughter while visiting her at college. She says that guys her own age are disrespectful and immature, so she wonders whether it’s acceptable for a girl her age (20 years old) to […]

Lauren Freemon comes in to the studio to chat with Rickey Smiley about her new, empowering book for girls entitled, “The New Boss.” She says she wrote the book with young women and girls in mind, and it details the importance of etiquette and gives helpful advice on that and tips on career-building, as well as building […]

The Salvation Army Boys & Club “Alumni & Friends 2015 Reunion” (3701 R Street) will take place Saturday, Oct 31st 10am to 4pm 📣 Discover the great news about what is happening at the Club and in the community. For more info, Call (804) 222-3122 Click Here To Learn More About The Salvation Army Boys […]

One young lady has inspired girls to love themselves and their hair with her award-winning comic book, BuzzFeed reports. Troubled by her natural tresses and skin tone,…

Lena Dunham is blasting a conservative Website for misreporting her own words and accusing her of sexual abuse in the process. The “Girls” star/creator went…

Michelle Obama is calling on young women in the U.S. to take their education a little more seriously. Kids in the United States are often…