This episode of Flow of Wisdom Radio I tackle the topic of the RFID chip. A middle school in Texas is already preparing to implement the spychip in student ID badges. The RFID chips are manufactured by a company called Alien Technology. This is very informative and as always the callers bring an insightful perspective. […]

During this episode of “Flow of Wisdom Radio” I discuss the recent stories about the “zombie” attacks. I share an excerpt and expand on an interview I had with ex-illuminist Doc Marquis, when he told me that he seen scientist taking the DNA from different species with the attempt to create a “super-soldier.” Read more.

Here is the podcast of the latest “Flow of Wisdom” episode. I discuss how China and Russia join forces as well as two of the most elite families form like Voltron. This show turned out to be a great discussion with some new listeners and loyal supporters of Flow of Wisdom Radio. Enjoy and share […]

David Banner jois me for a jaw-doppin, insightful and controversial interview this Sunday on Flow of Wisdom Radio

Media personality TT Torrez sits down for a candid in-studio interview on Flow of Wisdom Radio with host Sean Anthony. TT shared stories about her struggles while growing up, being homeless, to her mom and siblings sleeping in a car. (Click here for more.) FOLLOW US ON TWITTER – @iPOWER921 CONNECT VIA FACEBOOK DOWNLOAD THE […]

The Heavy Hitter DJ Lonnie B stops by for an in-studio interview on Flow of Wisdom Radio to discuss the change in Hip Hop. We spoke on his perspective as a DJ playing music that he doesn’t necessarily agree with the content. Lonnie B also shares a personal story of how he lost a friend […]

This is the information I found that I discussed on Flow of Wisdom Radio today about the weather that is going on across the states. It’s very interesting! go to Flow of Wisdom

Will Allen spoke about the strange noise he heard during the Virginia earthquake and much more. Check out the podcast on Flow of Wisdom.

To listen to the podcast from the show clips I played this morning, just go to Flow of Wisdom To get the most recent post on the earthquake and weather information, click here.

I had a great conversation with one of the great minds in Hip Hop, Immortal Technique. We discussed his views on President Obama, the current Republican front-runners, the Occupy Movement, our Government, Hip Hop and…..(Click here)

Cited from Social activist Immortal Technique speaks out about the state of hip hop and world politics on Flow of Wisdom Radio this Sunday at 9am on WCDX iPower Richmond. Written by @MemiSays: Richmond, VA, February 25: Syndicated talk radio host Sean Anthony will air an interview with hip hop emcee Immortal Technique on […]