Tik Tok has been the new place to instantly get users to fame. Many different artists such as Glorilla and Armani White are prime examples of this. Between starting trends on Tik Tok and making songs that eventually went viral, these two have definitely made a name for themselves thanks to Tik Tok. Tik Tok […]

Motivation" has become a YouTube hit with over 1 million views since being released on August 16, 2019.

The 80s was an interesting time for America, whether it was in politics, or in the streets, there was something in the air. The same goes for pop music. While some people would rather sweep 80s pop music as a whole under the rug, there are some songs whose impact will never fade- a-Ha‘s 1985 […]

Kim Kardashian has proved that when it comes to singing and dancing, they're two things she's just not good at.

Richmond Elite’s own, Crème de la Crème, will be having dance tryouts on August 27th. Go to www.richmondelitebasketball.com or email lacreme@richmondelitebasketball.com for more information! Are you ready to become an Elite Dancer??

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It's no secret that President Barack Obama is a fan of Star Wars.

At a time when there are a million covers of Adele's "Hello" floating around the 'net, pop star Britney Spears decided to show her admiration for Adele by performing a dance tribute.

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2 Milly came through to see #TheFam and during his interview with Lil Mo, taught her how to do his famous “Milly Rock.” You, too, can…

Even after almost 60 years in business, the Alvin American Dance Theater is still breaking ground as a modern dance company.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has always been a go-to spot for kids to check out their favorite Disney characters, but now rap fans have a reason…