For years, fans of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain have been begging and pleading to get one built in New York City.

A very excited Black Tony called Rickey Smiley to tell him that he came up on about 100 live chickens.

Easy recipe for making chicken gumbo.

When I saw that KFC was coming out with their version of hot chicken, I had to find a real recipe and post it. Enjoy !!

Rickey Smiley was so inspired by the word that he heard from his pastor, that he thought about his journey and how he got to that church. He says he realized that getting out of his comfort zone, relocating from his hometown in search of opportunity, has lead him to the happy, successful place he […]

I stopped in this spot and was hooked as soon as I walked through the door. The atmosphere was awesome !! The staff was dressed very well. And someone was there to greet me as soon as I walked in. I remembered this spot as a place called Julep’s Southern Cuisine. But I could tell […]

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Mary J. Blige‘s Burger King Chicken Wrap commercial is still funny to us, so Special K created a top 5 list of OTHER uses for…