chicago news Very sad news out of the city of Chicago today, as a prominent judge in the area was shot and killed outside his home, the apparent victim of an attempted robbery that took place early Monday. Cook County Associate Judge Raymond Myles,66, suffered multiple gunshot wounds outside his home in the Roseland neighborhood of […]

The ongoing and extreme violence in the city of Chicago is heartbreaking to say the very least and sadly it appears to be getting worse before it gets any better. Fingers have been pointed and blame has been placed in a number of directions without a concrete solution being put into place. Now, the former […]

Violence in Chicago reached astounding numbers in Chicago during the holiday weekend, with an estimated 61 people shot and almost a dozen killed in shootings that took place throughout the city. According to the Root, the bulk of the shootings in Chicago took place on the city’s West and South sides, while the total […]