Crushes have been a part of our lives since grade school. So, when is a crush inappropriate?

For years there was a secret sex law that said having sex on the first date was a big “no, no.” Yet, are times changing?

Would you be willing to raid your partner’s phone if you suspected foul play? Or is the phone off-limits?

A joint banking account could be the answer to your financial woes while your partner may not be keen on risking their good credit, especially if you’re not married.

In between partnering with the CDC to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and helping the government increase participation with the 2010 Census, Ludacris is dishing out more details on his Battle of The Sexes album.

Ludacris rings the bell for the next round in the Battle Of The Sexes, a remix to “My Chick Bad” f/ Diamond, Trina & Eve.

Last week photos from Ludacris’ female filled “Bad Chick” video shoot were released. Now DTP TV has provided behind the scenes video..

<strong>Ludacris</strong> is still adding more fuel to the promotional fire surrounding his forthcoming Battle of The Sexes album.