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Beyoncé has a new product line she wants you to buy. So to showcase how well it works, she demonstrated the product on her own hair.

The Cowboy Carter singer has been known over the years for wearing braids, wigs and weaves. But now that she’s launched her new Cécred hair line, she wanted fans to see her locs in their natural state.

“The stigma and misconception is that people who wear wigs don’t have long and healthy hair,” she said. “That’s some bullsh—cause it ain’t nobody business.”

She took to Instagram and recorded getting her hair washed and treated with Cécred products including a rinse and conditioner. Her natural hair, colored with blonde, appeared to be curly and long, falling almost to her waist in the video. The Texas-born superstar was shown getting her hair washed then conditioned, flat ironed and styled.

B said—and showed—that she blow-dries her hair on medium heat and uses a pressing comb. At the end of the video, she shows off a roller set and then her final reveal of long, wavy hair.

Beyoncé appeared to be responding to comments on a previous video that showed different women of different ethnicities showing their varying hairstyles. Fans in the comments wanted more and said so, asking her to show what her own hair rituals looked like.

Some fans were still skeptical, especially of the video’s end where she sported a style that to some looked as though it was aided by a lace front wig.

A woman identifying herself as a master hairstylist on her own page commented on Beyoncé’s saying: “Been doing hair for 35 years THAT IS A WIG! Never has anyone ever held their hairline when getting brushed 😂. There is no need to do that unless it’s going to come loose people don’t realize that wigs can be washed in the shampoo bowls.”

But many fans were just happy to see the usually private artist interacting with her fans.

On YouTube, a commenter said, “I really appreciate that she did this video!! Not to prove anything, but to show how she chooses to use the product and what she does to her hair. Ppl are gonna buy the product because it’s hers. Even if they wanna hate later. Just refreshing to see her in this way. Hoping for more content like this.”

Whether you believe it’s hers or not, B ultimately had the last word, saying on the ‘gram, “Being disruptive and challenging everything people feel should be the process has always been exciting to me. My hair and music seemed to do that a lot over the years…”
See how social media is reacting to Bey’s latest ad and haircare below.

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