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Rick Ross is continuing his promo trail for the July 20th release of his Teflon Don album.

The Maybach Music head touched down in Detroit yesterday for interviews and stopped by FM 98 WJLB to talk about his new project and ongoing lawsuit with Freeway Rick Ross.

During his interview with “Coco, Foolish And Chase In The Morning”, Ross shocked a number of listeners when he spoke candidly about his time working as a correctional officer.

He tells the morning show,

“It’s a lot of truth to it. And its a lot of truth to hustling and still getting money. And when you self made you understand that. If I went broke and had to go to McDonalds and sell fries. If I knew I had the ambition and drive that I do… at that point did I know I was going to build an empire worth $10million… naw.”

When radio host Foolish says that he “probably got more connected doing that than anything”, Ross replies,

“Naw… You know my homies that put me on was Kenneth, Booby Williams. Some homies that’s doing life sentences. It get no stronger than MY homies from Dade county that’s no longer here. And that’s why I rep the way I do.”

The morning show also asked Rick Ross to freestyle which he vehemently refused stating that he had to be high to rap but spoke freely on his ongoing court battle with the real Rick Ross.

As previously reported Kingpen Freeway Rick Ross lost part 1 of his lawsuit to the Bawse, which tried to stop the release of his Teflon Don album.

According to Ross, Freeway will “get what he gets” out of the million dollar suit, AKA nothing.

“It was an induction filed to stop the release Teflon Don, which was denied… AKA Tossed out. That’s the route he chose to go about it, and he gon get what he gon get. And that’s nothing.”

Following his trip to Detroit Ross traveled to Chicago where he “ran into” Larry Hoover Jr., the son of the jailed leader of the Gangster Disciples Gang he references in his song “B.M.F.”

Rumors swirled that son of the gang leader came to one of Ross’ in-stores to “check” the Don but those rumors were laid to rest after a picture of the pair embracing  later that night surfaced.

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Via: Hiphopwired.com