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Black athletes and entertainers have it much worse than their White counterparts. Sure their White counterparts are often investigated and attacked but not with the same zest and persistence that Black stars are. Black athletes and entertainers are watched and pursued. They have a team of people simply awaiting their downfall. Some of the mistakes that they make admittedly can be avoided by the Black stars if only they had some guidance within their inner circle. The following is a list of ways that Black athletes and stars are often caught up and a few solutions to avoid the traps. As always feel free to add on….

1. Pay Your Damn Taxes

Uncle Sam should be the first person that you break bread with. He is the one that can take the most from you. He should be paid before you buy expensive cars, homes, chains, etc… Oh but please know that it doesn’t stop there. You have to continue to pay him off every single year. He does not want to hear your lame excuses about forgetting. However, he is watching you.

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2. Leave your ghetto ass homeboys back in the hood

If they are not ready to elevate then they will undoubtedly drag you down with them. Even some family members might have to be let go if they are a bad influence. This is why you must perfect the act of loving someone from a distance. When you get to a certain level in your career, you have too much to lose and can no longer indulge in the same activities and with the same people you once did. Not everyone but the ones that you KNOW are dead weight have to go. Remember, they don’t have as much to lose as you do. Michael Vick had to learn this the hard way when he had his homies in his crib dog fighting. Damn shame. This could have been avoided if had let go of that hood s**t.

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3. Take marriage seriously

If you know you are not the marrying type then be honest with yourself and don’t get married. It will save a lot of alimony payments for you down the line. I get tired of seeing brothers getting janked because they got sex sprung off some random chick and now 6 ms later he is ready to give her his last name. Only to take it back from her 6 months after that during the divorce. Only now, she is entitled to half your money. Do you feel stupid? Good. You should.

4. Stop making babies with random chicks

Don’t fall for the groupie trap. This advice is not for the guy who was legally married to a woman he was in a relationship with.I am talking about the guy who let a groupie chick trap him up after a few nights of some good head and now nine months later she has your baby and wants her child support payments and they better be on time. The real deal is that most of these types of women are usually not genuinely interested in the guy. They go in with their own game plan. They want that wallet. By any means necessary. Even if it means bringing another human being into the picture. Put a condom on it!

5. Pay your bills in full

When you first get that big windfall of money and you want to buy a mansion and a Maybach. Feel free but pay it off in full! Why? There is a chance that your money might slow up and you might not always be this hot commodity. If you have the money just go ahead and buy it and pay for it in full. This way years down the line, if your money slows up, you won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of your shit being reposed for lack of payment. The jewelry and Louis Vuittons can wait….To Read The Rest Visit YeahSheSaidIt