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Michael Vick just can’t stay out of trouble.

After a shooting at the quarterback’s party on Friday, Vick and his lawyers claimed that the former Virginia Tech star was “long gone” before the shooting occurred. But now, surveillance video from that night shows “long gone” may have been an exaggeration.

According to the owner of the restaurant where the party took place, the video, which was turned over to Virginia Beach police, shows Vick and “his entourage” leaving the venue at 2:07 a.m. Three minutes later, at 2:10 a.m., the video shows people ducking as shots were fired.

Vick’s lawyer, Larry Woodward, stood by his initial claim even when told about the new evidence that could jeopardize Vick’s attempt at an NFL comeback.

“I stand by what I said, that Michael was long gone before the shooting, does not know who did the shooting and had nothing to do with the shooting,” Woodward said. “Anyone who says any different better be very careful.”

A detective interviewed Vick about the incident on Monday and he was not named as a suspect. No arrests have been made thus far. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league is still gathering facts about the incident and will not make a decision on disciplining Vick until that process is complete.

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