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On the reunion of “For The Love Of Ray J” last night, Ray J lost his cool after a surprise appearance from the first season winner Cocktail. After Cocktail pulls Ray J’s bluff to winner Mz Berry, Ray J storms off the stage while yelling explicits like “B*TCH, F*CK YOU”, “B*tch trying to come on here starting sh*t”. O_O. In the clip, he also tells her “I gave you your career. I gave you who you are”.

If you missed it, peep the video below plus a letter from a fan expressing her distaste in Ray J’s behavior:

At the Reunion Ray J left the good guy facade behind when confronted with Cocktail’s account of her experiences. He viciously cursed her out. This man’s demeanor and gaze ventured to a place that could have caused harm. I was really shocked and disappointed that Ray J descended to this dark place. I was disturbed that the same guy that was concerned about how that sex tape would affect his family had no concerns about how his outburst would affect another human being. Food for thought: a man that truly respects his mother, sister,other female family members, friends or acquaintances does NOT call a female a BITCH. He does not get in a woman’s face close enough to strike her when he is angry. But, I digress.

I blame Reality TV as the soul snatcher because what Reality TV stars tend to forget is that when the cameras stop rolling real life continues. I’m not saying Ray J is a bad or evil person. I am saying he is human and he portrayed himself in an unflattering way. And in the incident of making this mistake he needs to apologize. The most deceptive things are hidden where no one can see them, in plain sight. He needs to take a long look in the mirror, find and destroy this spirit that is causing poor behavior. This is the only way he has a chance in regaining his soul: his essence, his true character back. Because the guy that appeared on the reunion special, couldn’t have been the Ray J Sonya and Willie Norwood intended him to be. – Rahneisha Porter

Sidebar: I personally think Cocktail was out of line as well. Who does that? And Mz Berry is gorgeous but I’ll be damned if Ray J didn’t make her look like a fool on National TV. He tells Jaguar he feels as though he made a mistake by picking Mz Berry and he feels he should have picked her instead. Meanwhile, Mz Berry is backstage and didn’t hear any of this. I’m done with these for the Love of shows…

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