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Swizz Beatz is lashing out at ex-wife Mashonda for using the media to put their business in the street.  As I told you yesterday Mashonda is accusing Swizz of being a deadbeat dad.

Swizz Beatz denied that he owed Mashonda the money and said that he agreed to pay more than the judge and even his lawyers recommended.

“I gave over what the judge was recommending to give. I gave her $700,000 upfront, because I thought $200,000 wasn’t enough for what she wanted to do. I still get spit in my face for it,” Swizz said.

Swizz lashed out at his ex-wife, claiming that he was frustrated over Mashonda’s use of the media as their divorce played out.


Mashonda Is Suing Swizz For Being A Deadbeat Dad

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“I’ve been taking blows and punches the whole time. It’s like here we go again,” he said. “She’s very fortunate. She’s sitting here complaining about things people would love to have. You’ve got a new house, you’ve got everything you need . . . buying $10,000 bags and stuff like that. Now instead of focusing on work I have to spend time on this foolishness. Enough is enough already.”