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Celebrity Hairstylist Davontaé Washington Is Combing His Way Through Hollywood, One Strand At A Time

Source: Courtesy of Davontaé Washington

The 9-9 and the 2000s ignited Davontaé Washington’s love affair with hair. Born and bred in New Orleans, LA, the southern boy can distinctly recall the hairstyles that captured the zeitgeist of that period. Beehives, hard freezes, swooped bangs, and more exotic hair looks were prominent in NOLA during that era, and, as a kid, Washington gawked at these hair designs with awe.

The skills that went into creating and maintaining those nostalgic hairstyles are currently what Washington integrates into his hair mastery – making him the go-to coiffure architect for some of our most beloved celebrities like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Niecy Nash, and Victoria Monét, to name a few.


I had the chance to chat with Washington about his fabulous life as a celebrity hair specialist. Before jetting off to create a memorable hairdo for some big-time star (he informed me that he had a gig immediately after our conversation), Washington virtually sat down with me to give me the scoop on his hairstyling journey. 

After graduation, the Grambling State University alum revealed that he started working with fashion stylist J. Bolin in Dallas, TX. Bolin asked if he could accompany him in Los Angeles to tend to a well-known client’s tresses. Washington packed his things, caught a flight, and never looked back.

“After getting my degree from Grambling, I moved to Dallas, TX, where I went to cosmetology school. I met J. Bolin, and he incorporated me into his styling business,” stated Washington. “Then, at one point, he asked me if I could come to L.A. to do Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child hair. I went into my account, took out the little money I had, and flew to L.A. Six months later, I moved here.”

Davontaé Washington Takes on Hollywood Hair

Washington fell in love with the easy Cali lifestyle and the work he was doing. After settling in the City of Angels, he immediately went into hustle mode, leveraging social media to expand his clientele. “I was messaging people asking to assist them. I was like, ‘Hey, if you have something coming up, I would love to work with you or assist you.’ And some people replied, and some didn’t. The ones that did reply are still in my life to this day.” recalled the stylist.

The law of “Six Degrees of Separation” states that people have at least six or fewer social connections from each other. This concept proves to be true for Washington, who, while in L.A., was introduced by a friend to R&B artist and songwriter Victoria Monét after only three months of living in Hollywood. “I’ve been with her [Victoria Monét] the entire six years I’ve lived in L.A. Word of mouth, networking, and building a great community of people has really helped me,” disclosed the artist.

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Source: Courtesy of Wella Professionals

Classic Hair Looks Are Davontaé Washington’s Signature

Washington’s creative palate consists of timeless, sleek looks that enhance the beauty of his celebrity clients. He’s designed unique hairstyles for various stars, but his treasured looks are the classic ones. “One of my favorite looks is what I did on Niecy Nash for the Emmys. I love doing clean, Hollywood, old-glam looks and making a woman feel as beautiful as she can be,” the Nola native acknowledged. The go-to product that helps him achieve these magical hairstyles for his clients is Wella Professionals ULTIMATE REPAIR Miracle Hair Rescue – and he doesn’t leave home without it. 

Washington is living his best life as a celebrity hairstylist. Although he doesn’t have much downtime from work, he is grateful to be doing what he loves and often reminds himself to savor the moment. “Every day is a pinch-me moment, honestly. I would’ve never imagined myself being where I am now in my career. So, every client that I come in contact with, no matter how many times I work with them, it’s like, ‘we’re really here. Thank you, God. Wow. We are really doing this,’” emphasized the hair expert.

When asked what golden hair advice he could give our audience, he replied frankly, “Don’t be afraid. It’s hair. Whatever is on your head, wear it with confidence.”


To follow Washington’s journey, click here.


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