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Source: Bill Clark / Getty / Marjorie Taylor Greene

Bootleg politician and regular spewer of dumb conspiracy theories Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has many nicknames. Still, this new one, given to her by Dulcé Sloan, is perfect and instantly sticks.

During Thursday’s episode of The Daily Showguest host Dulcé Sloan had time for Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is currently still proving why she is hands down one of the dumbest people ever elected to a political office not named Donald Trump.

Sloan dragged the far-right goof following her latest attempt to get current Republican House Majority Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) all because he decided actually to govern and push for aid for Ukraine.

Following a montage of Greene’s greatest hits of stupid attacks on Speaker Johnson, Sloan said that Greene had “the strongest Karen energy I have ever seen.”

Sloan hilariously continued, “Damn. Last time I saw a white lady that pissed about a bill, she was getting kicked out of a Chili’s. I don’t know if she’s going to get Mike Johnson fired, but she’s definitely getting store credit for something.”

Capitol Karen Is Here To Stay

She wasn’t finished clowning Greene; the chef’s kiss on Sloan’s dragging of Marjorie Taylor Greene was when she gave her the nickname “Capitol Hill Karen,” which has become an instant hit, instantly sticking with the poor excuse of a lawmaker.

“The crazy thing is if Capitol Hill Karen does get the speaker fired, that’ll be the second time in six months,” Sloan said before letting Republicans know: “If you’re constantly firing speakers, maybe the problem is with you.”

Following the episode, if you search GGreene’sname on X, formerly Twitter, you will see people already refer to her with the apt nickname.

“It’s Official… Marjorie Taylor Greene’s new nickname is: “Capitol Hill Karen“… let that go viral,” one person wrote in response to a post on X from Greene.

Yeah, this nickname is perfect for Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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