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E Ness Speaks on Making the Band ‘Cheesecake Run’: They Act Like I Was the Only One that Walked

DJ Caesar x E Ness Interview

Source: Deion Allen / R1

E Ness has been a staple in the Philadelphia music scene for the past two decades. E Ness had success in every level of rap there is: Underground, mainstream, and even battle rap. During the early 2000s, his talents was recognized by Hip-Hop mogul Diddy, as he became a pop culture phenomenon being apart of Diddy’s Making the Band 2. 

This hit TV-series became the go-to show for the first decade of the new millennium. During this filming, there was a legendary scene E Ness was apart of what is still talked about to date. In this scene, Diddy challenged his season two crew to walk across town from Manhattan to Brooklyn to bring back cheesecake. The task was daunting, but it was a metaphorical example of the endurance you have to have in the music industry.

However, that example was only for the artists, as America failed to understand the underlying message to the infamous ‘cheesecake walk’ has these artists have been trolled about it for decades.

E Ness stopped by the station to chop it up with DJ Caesar about the situation. “(The cheesecake walk) was like a military exercise to build our endurance, but the Hip-Hop world didn’t really resonate with them so they thought they were belittling us” E Ness explained. “So year after year, people just kind of picked fun at me, about the situation, like I’m the only that walked. Even though I was in a group with five other artists.”

He then spoke on how he turned those lemons, into lemonade. Since his ‘cheesecake walk’, he’s since then made a business out of his on-camera disparities.

“They goin’ bring it up. It’s been 20 years people stil bringing it up, I battle rap, I do alot of things, people still bring it up — even in other people songs they reference the cheesecake. So I just found out how to turn a negative into a positive, and then turn a positive into dollars.”

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