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Music Mogul, Irv Gotti (we give credit where due) is in the headlines after speaking with popular Podcast Host, Nore on Drink Champs. Where he reveals intimate details about his relationship with the unproblematic Singer, Ashanti from nearly 20 years ago.

He talks about the origin of one of Ashanti’s biggest hits “Happy” and how it was created after he had “relations” with Ashanti.

And at another point he discussed the moment he found out the Singer was dating Country – Grammer Rapper, Nelly.

In summation the entire part of the interview in reference to Ashanti was distasteful to say the least. But I have a few thoughts;

  •   Why are you talking about a relationship from over 20 years ago!? I’m sure Irv Gotti has gotten enough action to the point where, THIS should be the furthest thing from his mind.
  • Ja Rule was sitting next to him while he made all of these comments and I don’t get it… Aren’t him and Ashanti suppose to be Bro & Sis? How could you let anybody speak about your peoples like this….. Big Nat & DJ Lonnie B WOULD NEVER DO ME LIKE THAT.
  •  And last but not least… Y’all , you do understand this man is talking about a relationship that took place WHILE HE WAS “HAPPILY” MARRIED, right!? So not only do you bring up pain and hurt for your Ex-Wife (Debbie Lorenzo) whom he deems as still “Family”. But you throw Ashanti under the bus simultaneously, by exposing the fact the she slept/dated a married men too?

With old friends like this… Who needs enemies?

Checkout the Full Podcast below and let me know what you think. Is Irv Gotti Wrong for this?