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Attending an HBCU has pro’s and con’s but there are more pro’s than con’s. When you attend a HBCU it is more like you are a part of a culture and a family rather than just a student that goes there. For myself, an alum of Virginia Union University, the experience that I received there was nothing like any PWI’s that I have attended. I felt like I belonged for the first time and I was surrounded by people who shared the same interest as me and most importantly, people who looked like me. Before attending an HBCU, At my PWI  I never experienced having a professor who looked like me or who I could relate to with my everyday struggles of being an African American in America today. For all students currently in high school or who are looking for a college to attend after high school I would strongly recommend applying or considering at least one HBCU in your prospective college list so you can get the cultural experience that many other Universities do not provide.