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Donald Trump Thanks 50 Cent For His Support By Sharing New York Post Cover

Source: Mark Sullivan / Getty

Fofty failed us when he announced he was voting for Trump becuase his “wealthy” self doesn’t want to pay taxes under Joe Biden’s tax plan. Donald Trump is now celebrating his latest Black celebrity endorsement.

Jimmy Kimmel pretty much proved with his survey that the majority of  Blacks in America are not rocking with Donald Trump. But, that’s not stopping the super-spreader-in-chief from claiming that he has done more for African Americans except Abraham Lincoln. His words, not ours.

After the Queens-born rapper cried about having to pay 62% in taxes under Joe Biden’s tax plan, he received praise from the MAGA faithful, Tomi Lehran, Candace Owens, and Donald Trump’s senior campaign advisor Katrina Pierson. Trump, who is always looking for a new African American to prop up as a supporter to prove he isn’t a racist bigot, took to Instagram to share the New York Post cover featuring the “Candy Shop” rapper stating  ‘I Don’t Want To Be 20 Cent’ Under Biden tax plan.”

50 Cent is the latest male Black celebrity to jump on the Trump/coon train joining Hershel Walker, Kanye West, and Jason Whitlock. Ice Cube got his winter hat in California wearing self dragged on Twitter after it was confirmed he was politicking with the Trump campaign helping them craft their useless “Platinum Plan” geared towards Blacks. Ice Cube learned first hand what dealing with the Trumps gets you. The occupant in the White House’s son, Eric Trump, shared a doctored photo of both 50 and Cube wearing Trump hats… they were not.

Again, this is what happens when you step into the Trump orbit, you become pawns in their game even if you don’t ask to be.

Congrats 50 on the presidential shoutout *insert sarcasm.*

Photo: Mark Sullivan / Getty

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