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panic buyers continue to strip supermarket shelve

Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

Day by day the coronavirus continues to spread across America with over 200,000 cases. With people across many states practicing social distancing and stay at home policies in place.

When you need to go out for your essentials, Here’s a guide we must remember when shopping at your local grocery stores and dealing with the store’s employees.

For an article posted by Buzzfeed, they list a few things you shout stop doing to grocery store employees while covet-19

Avoid bringing more than one person in the store with you, in other words, leave your family members at home. Try to avoid getting to close into the cashiers personal space. Avoid going into a grocery store if you are feeling sick. When going into a grocery store, try to already have a list of things you want to buy, this will help to reduce how long you spend in the store around other people as well as to help with not touching things you don’t want / need.

These are a few tips and tricks when grocery shopping check out more below!