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Beauty Vlogger James Charles who made history as the first male CoverGirl spokesperson, was recently asked which star has been the “rudest” to him during one of his latest YouTube videos and surprisngly he named singer Ariana Grande.

According to his YouTube video, he stated that he really likes Ariana but had a “really crappy experience with her,” after one of her concerts which is why he she got the title of rudest star.

Via Hollywood Life 

“I really like Ariana,” James explained. “I just had a really crappy experience with her.”

He attended one of her concerts in Los Angeles and posted a bunch of videos to social media. James said that Ari DMed him after the show and thanked him for coming, and even told him she would’ve loved to have him backstage if she knew he would be there! Apparently, Ariana’s fans weren’t happy that she was associating with James, and he soon noticed that she had unfollowed him.

“So I message her back and go, ‘Hey, did I do something wrong?’” James revealed. “She was like, ‘Hey babe, I just saw a lot of angry tweets from my fans. I would never wanna disappoint them, so I unfollowed.’ I sent back a strong-worded message to her and was like, ‘You have 100 million fans. It’s really disappointing that you’d stoop to the level of listening to people bullying me just to appease them, but okay.’”

Hollywood Life, pointed out that James was at the center of some scandals on social media after he made a joke about Ebola and shared some other controversial opinions, which is why some of Ariana’s fans might have been upset with her and him associating.

Ariana has yet to respond to this latest statement from Charles. You can watch James’s latest video where he mentions Ariana below:

SOURCE: Hollywood Life | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty

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