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Silverback Mountain Gorilla, Democratic Republic of Congo

Source: by Marc Guitard / Getty

If the Planet of the Apes franchise had you spooked,  be warned — one video might have you running for the hills.

A gorilla from the Philadelphia Zoo was caught strolling on two legs recently like it was an everyday thang. Check him out below.



Well you might be surprised to learn that this ape wasn’t on their way to start the revolution.

They just didn’t want to get their food dirty.

According to the zoo’s Director of Communications, Dana Lombardo, Louis walks on his two legs all the time.

She told People, “Louis just hates when his food gets muddy,” so to keep his snacks from getting dirty, he carries them while walking on his hind legs.

Okay… so, Louis is a germaphobe. Gotcha.

We weren’t scared at all.

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