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Ole ragga-a-muffin rapper Azealia Banks is at it again, but this time she picked a social media fight with the wrong one. The Broke With Expensive Taste artist swooped down to defend Donald Trump and bash Rihanna for standing up for diversity amid Trump’s executive order that bans refugees from seven Muslim countries.

Apparently Banks saw something wrong with Rihanna using her platform to raise awareness around the issue and responded in several rants.

Then Rihanna posted an Instagram caption aimed straight at Azealia Banks, who recently made headlines for claiming she slaughters chickens as a religious ritual.

Azealia then clapped back.

And didn’t stop clapping back…

But Rihanna shut her down with one post.

At this point Azealia Banks is more famous for being controversial than making music. We’re still giving her the side-eye after that whole Russell Crowe situation. Sigh.


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