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Mendeecees & Yandy Smith

Source: J. Countess / Contributor / Getty

In a recent interview with Streetz 94.5 Yandy explained her commitment to Mendeecees,

“If the world doesn’t know my commitment level to that mean and think it’s a piece of paper that’s gonna do that—y’all got me ___ up,” said Yandy.

“I can’t really get into too much because it’s a part of my storyline and I’m contracted not to but that’s my baby, that’s my husband, that’s the man I’ve waited for 30-some odd years. That’s my soulmate, I’m here, I’m riding out.”

She also said that paperwork could define her union.

“We’ve been together forever, that right there was us committing to each other and vowing to each other in front of the world and in front of God,” said Yandy.

“Ya’ll could harp on this piece of paper, that is signed by I don ‘t know know, Donald Trump maybe—y’all think this makes me committed to this man, y’all some damn fools. […] Y’all not gonna tell me how much I love mines.”

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