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Where Do I Know Him From?

If you watch Yo Gotti’s ‘Down the DM’ video you’ll notice a familiar face. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know you’ve seen this funny mustached face somewhere. Hmm… Where have I seen him before? Oh yeah, VINE

Reggie Couz, a 22-year-old actor, comedian and classically-trained musician, was featured in the Hip-Hop artist’s video as his character “Mr. Johnson the Choir Director” as a nod to his viral, original remake of the summer 2016 hit. Couz is an example of taking life by the horns and making it yours.

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Last week the Internet said #RIPVine, as Twitter announced they’ve shut down their video app, with tribute posts and compilations of their favorite viral stars. Couz took to his Instagram to share his thoughts on the demise of the platform that launched his career. Here’s what he said below:

From Viral to Hollywood

Utilizing Twitter’s now defunct video app Vine, the New Jersey native decided to give “this Internet thing” a shot full-time and dropped out of art school due to financial challenges. Against the better judgement of his mother, he assured her that within a year he’d become a hit or he’d enroll back in school to complete his degree.

With full dedication, he committed many long nights to writing and producing spoofs and original songs, multiple characters and their unique personalities and comedic sketches that would write his ticket to corporate America’s largest brands and Hollywood! Within just two years, the well-rounded entertainer gained over 1.2 million followers across social media platforms– which has since grown significantly–  and caught the attention of the marketing departments at Coca-Cola, Google Play and Burger King.

Most notably, his character “Holy Tony the Educational Rapper” saw a viral hit of 11 million views when he was challenged to “do something these other rappers ain’t doing” and rattled off the United State’s 44 presidents in order on trap tune, “Know Your Presidents.”

His work has been featured by MTV, BuzzFeed, Complex, The Shade Room, Music Choice and so many others. Currently, the successful college dropout is on a college tour, traveling the country inspiring and motivating other millennials to leverage the power of social media to build personal brands and pursue their passions.  Next up are Morgan State University and Howard University for my DMV #PenPalz.

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In an fun and off-the-cuff phone interview, I discuss with Reggie Couz his journey to stardom, convenicing his mom to let him take his life into his own hands and the many characters in his head for ‘the iNk’ with Bobby Pen podcast. Subscribe here and press play above to learn more about this multi-talented entertainer.

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