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Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies, we all know that, but what is truly surprising — shocking, actually — is how dedicated she is to her craft. The reality star and Selfish author shared exactly how many selfies she took on a four day vacation to Mexico, and the number is literally astounding.

By Kim’s own admission, she took a whopping 6,000 selfies in four days. No, those last two zeroes aren’t a typo. She revealed the number in a post called “Kim-Digits: The Breakdown of My Mexico Vacation,” which she shared on sister Kendall Jenner’s site on Wednesday.

Broken down further, that averages out to 1,500 selfies per day, 62.5 selfies an hour, roughly one selfie every minute. No wonder she logged, according to the post, zero hours sunbathing (despite rocking nine bikinis during the trip) and only four playing with her kids on the beach. “I was busy doing photo shoots or it was overcast,” she explained.

This is disturbing on so many levels and yet not surprising at all. Despite Kim’s ridiculous assertion to AdWeek that she takes so many selfies “just for memories,” she’s clearly missing out on hundreds of memories with her family and friends by spending this absurd amount of time perfecting her withering star and sucking in her cheeks gazing into an iPhone.

Interestingly, Kim’s husband Kanye West announced on the same day Kim broke down her selfie numbers that he decided to get rid of his phone. His intention is to give himself more “air to create,” according to his (presumably) last tweet before his digital fast.

Hard as we are on Kanye for his wild rants and questionable fashion shows, gotta respect this kind of restraint. Imagine all the things Kim could do and create if she wasn’t spending so much time taking pictu…oh wait, we just got it. Those who can’t do, selfie?

SOURCE: PageSix | PHOTO: Getty

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