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July 30th young adults and teens will be joining forces on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University for the Hip Hop Teen Summit.

Raised on the Block host, Star Connor spoke with two of the organizations directors, Tracy Battle and Albert Carter about the unique event.


•Event Goals

•DIGITAL HIP HOP SUMMIT: Create a high quality educational experience that leaves a lasting impact on the primary public while achieving information retention among those who attend the community event.

•TECH & HIP HOP SYMPOSIUM: Create a high quality social experience for those who have the ability and power to help the primary public overcome digital inclusion challenges.

•Event Objectives

•Primary Public (SUMMIT): Engage (at minimum) 200 West End residents in need of digital training that are within the 16-45 year old age range and interested in participating in a hip hop cookout celebration.

•Secondary Public (SYMPOSIUM): Engage with and inform (at minimum) 50 key decision makers within Mecklenburg County about possible solutions and projects that could help address and improve the challenges of closing the digital divide and increasing economic mobility within the city.

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