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“Trap Queen” rapper Fetty Wap recently sat down with Interview Magazine and candidly discussed parts of his life.

Interviewed by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah — who is also a fan of the rap star –, Fetty Wap openly reminisced on his rise to fame, taking care of his family and riding for the team he came up with.

Take a look at some of the most compelling quotes from the 24-year-old artist:

On the history behind the name Fetty Wap: 

Fetty Wap is that person that holds it together, and the only way you can hold it together is by having family around you. So Fetty Wap is just a face. It’s just a name and face.”

On what his parents wanted for him: 

I never asked them. I never cared. I still don’t to this day. I’ve always been my own person. I don’t do what people want me to do. Like, if you want me to do that, I’m going to do the complete opposite. [laughs] And once I got to the age where I was like, “I could just do it by myself,” they was like, ‘Go do it.’


On the reason why he’s amassed so much success: 

I don’t care about being Fetty Wap. Like, this doesn’t mean anything to me. My plan was to make sure that my son would be good, and I have a daughter now, so now she’s included into the equation, and the work I do as Fetty Wap made me care.”

On his passions outside of music: 

I’m big into stocks. I’ve invested in a lot of stocks. One day I was talking to my accountant, and he was like, ‘Yo, what if I could turn a million dollars into $20 million?’…. And the next day he was at my house, my leg was broken, we were on the computer, looking at it, like, “I don’t understand none of this stuff.” And he breakin’ it down, like, “Yo, this is trade values, this is stock minutes, this is going to go up, this is going to drop down. You’ve got to know when to sell, when to trade, when to buy.” And I was catching on … And now that’s what I do in my free time.

On his dreams he has for his children: 

Most parents have college funds and things. I don’t. I call myself the “hood daddy.” I got their money in cash, stashed up. I don’t have plans for my kids. I just want them to be happy. I ain’t going to lie: I was happy, man. Me and my sisters and my brother was mad cool. We all did the music thing. My dad had the keys to the church, so we would go over there and jam. So I just want my kids to have fun the right way. I want their type of trouble to be, like, “Aw, Dad, I locked the keys in the car.” I don’t want to hear about, ‘Oh, my friend just got shot.’

On where he could see himself if he didn’t make it in music: 

I don’t even want to think about that. Word up. This was the only thing that was going to work. This is what had to happen. This was the only way out. If it hadn’t, then I don’t know.”

Read the full interview here.

SOURCE: Interview Magazine | PHOTO SOURCE: Instagram

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