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The blizzard of 2016 may have come to the end, but people on the East Coast are still dealing with its aftermath. The Washington D.C. area, which received over two feet of snow, has decided to close both federal and local government offices and schools. The city’s transportation system will also provide limited service, as plows and local residents continue their cleanup. The Metro system makes more than 730,000 rail trips on a weekday, but will only provide limited service on three rail lines and 22 bus routes. Reagan National and Dulles International airports will have limited service as well. Yesterday, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser warned local residents to stay off the streets. “If you come out, you get yourself stuck on one of our streets, I have to tell you: We will aggressively ticket you, and tow your vehicle,” said Bowser. “We want to have tomorrow to keep cars off the road so we can continue to clear those major arterials.” The snowfall ranged from 10 to upwards of 35 inches in the D.C. area this weekend. Read more.

Trial to Start in Lawsuit Over North Carolina’s Voter-ID Law

A trial surrounding the voter-ID laws in North Carolina is slated to kick off soon. Last year, a new voting law implemented by the state forced 94-year-old Rosanell Eaton and her daughter to make 10 trips to the Division of Motor Vehicles, drive long distances, and spend more than 20 hours of their time in an effort to get a required voter identification form, all because the name on her driver’s license wasn’t the same as the one on her voter registration. Under North Carolina’s new voting law, residents in the state were banned from registering and voting during the same day, ballots that were cast in the wrong precinct were disqualified, there were a limited amount of days for early voting, and teenagers were barred from pre-registering before the age of 18. Republican lawmakers said that these rules were implemented to prevent fraud, but they have become a headache for those who reside in North Carolina. “We are prepared to challenge this modern form of Jim Crow in the court,” said Rev. William J. Barber II, president of the North Carolina NAACP. He referred to the law as an “immoral and unconstitutional burden on voters.” Read more.

Donald Trump: “African-Americans Love Me”

It seems as if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump isn’t worried about getting Black voters to back him. According to Trump, people in the Black community love him. “Look, the African-Americans love me because they know I am going to bring back jobs,” he said during a recent interview. “They are going to like me better than they like Obama. The truth is Obama has done nothing for them. I think that relatively speaking – I mean he does have a slight advantage in all fairness – but I think relatively speaking when I am finished I think they will absolutely love Donald Trump.” A poll from last fall showed that 25 percent of African-Americans supported Trump. Read more.


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