The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department is asking the public for help identifying the women shown on surveillance video on Oct. 7 at a gas station.It was around 4 p.m. when one of the women began twerking on the man and the other repeatedly fondled him, according to authorities.

“I saw the video!” RVA radio personality Paris Nicole said. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” She said talk of the video was lighting up the local airwaves. “Because if it was the other way around, people would be like, ‘OMG! He needs to go to jail immediately.'”

Police are investigating the case as a third-degree sexual abuse incident. NBC12 legal analyst, Steve Benjamin, commented.

“We don’t need it to be a crime for people to know you are not supposed to move in and grope somebody or back into them and move around in a sexual manner,” Benjamin said. “It’s going to get you slapped or arrested.”

“It appears to be something that he absolutely does not want,” Benjamin said. “So it’s not consensual. If they were using more force than neccessary to accomplish the touching, then it becomes the crime of sexual battery. It carries up to 12 months in jail.”

via: NBC 12

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