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RawStory reports:

Officer Ray Tensing, of the University of Cincinnati police department, shot(in the head) and killed 43-year-old Sam Dubose during a routine traffic stop July 19 near campus.

The  officer has been indicted. His attorney said he expected an indictment.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an indictment, I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t an indictment, but I think it’s more likely there will be an indictment,” attorney Stew Mathews told WCPO.

According to RawStory,Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said it was the most “asinine” thing he had seen an officer do in 30 years. Deters even said Tensing should “never have been a police officer.”“He lost his temper because Mr. Dubose wouldn’t get out of his car,” Deters said. “When you see this you won’t believe how quickly he pulls his gun. Maybe a second — it’s incredible.”

The officer’s attorney claims he’s upset about all of this.

“He’s not doing well, he feels terrible about it,” Mathews said. “He didn’t become a police officer to go out and shoot anyone.”

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