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Morning! Today’s top news stories are here just for you as always. Carry on and stay fabulous.

Let ‘Em Know: Obama Says ‘You’re in My House!’ To Heckler At LGBT Event

I don’t know what’s gotten into President Obama these days, but I really enjoy watching him show out when someone steps out of line. Yesterday, an attendee tried to derail Obama’s comments during an LGBT Pride event at the White House by repeatedly yelling Obama’s name. The heckler later explained she wanted to draw attention to the plights of migrant queer people being held by border officials. However, Obama wasn’t having it and shut her down REAL fast. Watch the commotion for yourself above and read more at The Root.

South Carolina Legislators Agree To Debate Confederate Flag

Charleston Church Shooting Victim Sen. Pinckney Lies In Repose At South Carolina Capitol

Source: Win McNamee / Getty

The decision over whether the Confederate flag will remain on capitol grounds is now officially a part of the South Carolina legislative agenda. The vote in the House won at 103-10 and a voice vote in the Senate. Lawmakers may not come to a decision on this or effect change in the flag’s location for many months to come. Read more at Yahoo News.

NC Black Church Consumed In Flames, Attack Ruled As Arson

Yet another brutal attack on a Black church was made yesterday morning, this time in Charlotte, NC. A local investigator has announced that someone committed arson against Briar Creek Road Baptist Church, causing $250,000 in damages. The investigator did not specify what evidence he used that allowed him to reach his conclusion. Read more at NBC News.

PBS Puts ‘Finding Your Roots’ On Hold Over Ben Affleck Story

President Obama Speaks On Supreme Court Healthcare Decision Source: Alex Wong / Getty[/caption]

Booyah! Things are going Obama’s way in Congress and the Supreme Court this week. After virtually getting fast track authority for his coveted Pacific Trade Deal, the Supreme Court has now agreed to uphold the subsidies that allows millions of Americans to afford their health care. Read more at the New York Times.

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