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This episode of Blood Sweat and Heels was the episode that everyone probably watched the entire season for!

Chantelle’s Yacht Party

The episode opened with Chantelle preparing for her impending yacht party to celebrate and promote her business, Flawless NYC. Fast forward to the actual party…

It started out well. A lot of people showed up and there were lovely burlesque dancers and contortionists present. All the women, except for Demetria, who was presumably tied up with wedding stuff, showed up. It was all love at first, but things started to go down hill swiftly. Chantelle was busy entertaining her guests and Daisy developed a fever (one of the many crazy side effects of her cancer treatment), so Mica and Daisy went off to a room where the latter could lay down and she luckily missed the chaos.

Everyone else being tied up with what they were doing left Geneva, Arzo and Melyssa together on one couch. They really didn’t have to sit with each other but they did anyway, and Melyssa immediately started in on Geneva. It began with Melyssa trying to call Geneva out about talking smack about Greg and claiming that she shouldn’t be able to go to the wedding. Geneva told Melyssa that she and Demetria spoke and that Melyssa needed to mind her business, which was true. This could have been the moment where any one of those women walked away, but it wasn’t. Arzo added her two cents in defense of Melyssa, and Melyssa kept yapping. She and Geneva just kept trading barbs back and forth until things finally got physical. The cameras didn’t show the fight. All you heard was glass breaking, and then we saw Melyssa being wheeled out carrying on as if she were actually the innocent victim in this situation. She even had the nerve to say that this went against everything she stood for. Girl, bye! If that were true, you wouldn’t have been trying to come for Geneva at someone else’s event.

Chantelle, Daisy and Mica didn’t even know what was going on until the very end of the party (which was pretty much when the fight happened). Geneva was arrested, probably because Melyssa’s injuries seemed worse and more visible. Melyssa had to get staples in her head, but Geneva actually got stitches because Melyssa allegedly threw glass at her so the fact that the police solely arrested Geneva didn’t seem fair.

No one won here, but hopefully they learned important lessons. Melyssa really should have minded her business and let that situation remain between Demetria and Geneva, and Geneva should have walked away when it was clear that Melyssa was trying to get a rise out of her.

Demetria Gets Married

The beautiful part of the episode was Demetria’s wedding a week later. Neither Geneva nor Melyssa went, but Arzo and Yestirday were sure there. How Arzo and Yestirday got invites over Mica and Daisy, at the very least, was interesting…but whatever. It seemed like a nice evening for everyone who attended, especially the couple of honor.

Cheers To Daisy’s Health

Meanwhile, Daisy, Chantelle, and Mica celebrated Daisy finishing her radiation, and being in remission.

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