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With all of the hullabaloo over Bill Cosby and his alleged rape scandal, the people of Red Prodigy decided to bring a little bit of humor to the situation with their game, “Pill Bill.”

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The premise of the game is to avoid falling pills so they don’t get into your martini glass. If one drops in, your vision is impaired. The game is over if you get three pills in your glass.

From the site:

This is a free video game about a guy named Bill who loves mixing pills with your alcohol. Spread the word and help people become aware of his love of pills.

It also states that it was “designed by an indie game designer who has a serious dislike for rape and sexual assault” and that “comedy works well against those who use comedy to hide their misdeeds.”

While it is creepy (and rape is certainly no laughing matter) it’s kind of addictive. After a few plays I was determined to remain pill free. My high score: 132.

Play if you want here. The game will be on iPhone and Android in the future.

What are your thoughts on the game?

h/t: Reddit

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