Ray J Realizes He Has An Alcohol Problem…Kinda

If you’ve been keeping up with “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” like we have, it’s pretty clear (or at least to us) that Ray J has an alcohol or drug problem…depending on who you ask. There are times when he’s totally irate or appears completely absent-minded. And the raging red eyes are indicative of some altered state. In a clip previewing tonight’s episode, Ray is confronted with his problem when his homeboy brings up his questionable behavior after picking him up from the precinct.

“I got loud and belligerent,” Ray J admitted to his friend, detailing the night. A woman accused Ray of sexual assault and he lost it when a party goer who was at the event threatened to put him under citizen’s arrest. “We’re you intoxicated?,” his friend asked. “That ain’t had nothing to do with that,” he responded.

We think Ray might be in denial. Watch the clip, below:

in other “LHHH” news, Masika found herself on two billboards in L.A.. Someone (our best guess is  Nikki or Hazel E) paid for a billboard to read “T.H.O.T with a mugshot” with Masika’s picture underneath it.

Masika responded to the catty controversy on Instagram:

“Guys in just one month I have two billboards up! Wow! God I must be doing something right. @missnikkiibaby was so consumed by jealously that she swiped daddy’s credit card to rent a billboard for me. Wow. I’m flattered. Yes guys I was arrested in 2006 for a FEW HOURS with a group of 7 other kids from my school. But when your 18 with nothing to your name, on your own, living in hotels and out of your car, trying to work 3 jobs, pay tuition and make something of yourself while holding on your integrity” She continued, “You might hit a few bumps along the way. I wasn’t going to address this just yet but since my fellow jealous cast mate @hazelbaby decided to post it  (which is against her cast rules) I must say thank you @MissNikkiiBaby and @hazelbaby for the hate and the free publicity. I will continue to pray for both of you lost lowlifes. I’m shining so bright. The love be so fake but the hate be so real. Bullying is never ok. It’s so sad to see grown ass women operating like jealous little school girls… Say a prayer for them y’all they need it. God got me.”

We have a feeling it was a collaborative effort between Nikki and Hazel. Clearly Nikki is still pissed over Masika’s relationship with Mali Mal and Hazel is completely distraught over Masika’s “relationship” with Berg. Either way, the drama is getting out of hand.

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