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LeVar Burton could be profiling his own poignant new children’s book, which teaches kids how to be brave, on “Reading Rainbow”!

The actor went on “Good Morning America” earlier today to announce the release of his new book, “The Rhino That Swallowed A Storm,” which he hopes will help little ones to find their inner courage while facing an increasingly scary world.

“I think we need in this day and age, as parents, to really teach our kids how to handle adversity and difficult moments,” he explained to “GMA” host Robin Roberts. “School shootings and hurricanes and all kinds of national tragedies and disasters in a 24-hour news cycle, and our kids are bewildered and hearing all kinds of things; and dealing with their fears is not always so easy.”

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In the book, LeVar’s main character must find a way to persevere after his life is shaken up by a huge natural disaster, where he loses just about everything. By the end of the book, LeVar hopes that kids can lean from the Rhino’s example of how to push past your fears and you hurt to keep going when your life is turned upside down.

“’The Rhino Who Swallowed A Storm’ is really a metaphor for how difficult it can sometimes be to express our feeling,” LeVar mused. “The rhino goes on this journey after watching his entire world be washed away in this devastating storm. It’s his journey towards healing.”

He added, “I would really love for this to become a tool for families to use.” To achieve that goal, the back of the book has a list of questions to facilitate conversation about ways to handle adversity.

LeVar recently wrapped up an uber-successful Kickstarter campaign to save “Reading Rainbow,” which he credits as being his gateway into the author side of children’s publishing. “For 31 years I’ve been promoting children’s literature. This is my first children’s book,” said LeVar. “It was inevitable and only a matter of time.”


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