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Drake Caught Up In All Kinds Of Legal Trouble

Earlier this week, a stripper by the name of Jhonni Blaze accused Drake of sending his goons after her because he thought she would talk publicly about a recent romp between the two, thus launching an investigation with the rapper caught up in the middle. Blaze and Drizzy allegedly had sex before he began sending her threatening texts. Rumor has it that Blaze was pregnant.

Now, Blaze is backtracking on her statements. In an interview with, Mad Hatta morning show in Houston, she said:

I would never talk bad about nobody and I have nothing bad to say about Drake. I still think he’s a phenomenal artist. The reason why we fell out was because we got into an argument. There’s nothing wrong with it, okay?

All these lies about me calling the police on him? I never actually called the police on Aubrey. I actually called the police because my friend came home and said two guys were looking for me. So I documented that and said, “for my protection.” And for some odd reason, people were looking at me loony and I got fired from V Live [strip club]. They wanted to give me time off and [said] that I had an illness, that I’m crazy and have an illness and that I need to take a break. So I told them to completely fire me, don’t come back at all, since I have an illness.

I’m not about to exaggerate the story. Me and him were just kicking it, being cool. I went to his concert, I watched him perform. We were just supposed to be friends and we had some disagreements, some things were said, some threats were being made as far as argument and that was it. And the only reason I exposed the [text] messages was to show people that we did have a cool relationship as far as, “Hey, how you doing? How’s everything? Hope all is well.” That was the only reason why I did expose those text messages.


In other Young Money news, rapper Tyga, 25, is allegedly dating Kylie Jenner, 17, and plans on revealing the news soon. According to reports, they haven’t done anything sexual because she is underage. A few weeks ago, Tyga had this to say about the rumored romance:



Blac Chyna is somewhere rolling her eyes. There goes that Kardashian friendship.

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