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Strippers in a small Ohio town are tired of a church running their patrons off so they have chosen to get even in the most comedic way possible.

Members of New Beginnings Ministries have fought for close to ten years to have the strip club Foxhole North shut down because they view it as a den of sin. New Beginnings Ministries congregants picket outside the local strip club on the weekends and  take photos of patrons’ license plates and threaten to post them online.


The strippers are fighting back by starting a protest of their own. Strippers of Foxhole North showed up to the church during Sunday service and picketed outside topless. The Coshocton Tribune reported six topless women marched around the church’s parking lot with 30 exotic dancers for about four hours.

Strip club owner Thomas George vows to protest the church every Sunday, telling a local news station, “I have to point out the hypocrisy that I see. They come up every weekend and they’re very abusive and certainly unchristian-like. They’re abusive to the customers. They sit out with video cameras, they take pictures of license plates, tell them they’re posting them to the web.”

None of the topless protestors were arrested because it is legal for men and women to be topless in public in the state of Ohio.

New Beginnings Ministries’ Pastor Bill Dunfee remains steadfast in his efforts to get Foxhole North shut down for good. He says the strip club has “no business in the community” and deemed their protest “shameful.”

Dunfee concluded, “I take very seriously the responsibility as a pastor to see to it that the gospel of Christ is lifted up, that Christ himself is lifted up, and that evil is confronted.”

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