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So people are loving this convicted felon, Jeremy Ray Meeks. Why? Because he’s good looking. That’s mainly it — seriously. He was arrested on five felony weapon charges, as well as a gang charge a couple days ago. Who is this guy anyway? Here are five things you need to about the thug hottie felon.

He’s a dad.

There’s a Facebook page made for him with posts pleading with him to return home because he has a child to raise.

His mom set up a GoFundMe page for donations.

She claims that he is being wrongfully targeted because of his tattoos. “He has a job and … He was on his way to work. With no gang affiliations as per two of the charges. He has old tattoos..which causes him to be sterotyped. He’s my son and he is so sweet. Please help him to get a fair trial or else he’ll be railroaded,” she wrote.

As of this publishing, $418 of the $25,000 goal has been raised.

Meeks spent nine years in prison for grand theft.

He’s gone viral

In the USA Today video above, he claims that while this is a surprise and shock he’s gotten so much attention, he’s no “kingpin.”

The Stockton Police have never seen anything like this before

Interest in a criminal like this is a surprise.  According to NewsOne, Officer Joseph Silva said, “I have not seen that many likes for a photo before.”

We’ll have to see how everything works out for Meeks.


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