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Yeezus! Can this guy give us a break please? Kanye West‘s most resent rant is so ridiculous that we would never have believed he actually said it had it not been for TMZ‘s video showing him spewing the nonsense himself! Take a look at his latest foolishness below!


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“Mr. West…Mr. West..Mr. Fresh..Mr. by hisself he’s so impressed!” Do you ever even research things that you think you know the answers to before you say them… front of about a gagillion people? We didn’t think so.

Let us help you out sir. Barbara Walters was famously in a relationship with a black man…back when it wasn’t trendy. Back before you were even born. So you owe her an apology for sure. (Not that we think you’ll ever give her one.)

As for everything else…funny how no one had a problem with Kim being with Ray J, or Reggie Bush, or Miles Austin or Chris Humphries….is that enough..have we listed enough black guys yet to make our point? Nobody cared about her being in relationships with them…but somehow you Kanye are so magical… that suddenly we all care about the inter-racialness of her relationship with you?

Nah we don’t care about fact nobody cares about that at all…except maybe…well you sir. You are the one making her do stupid stuff in your videos and songs that have her looking and sounding like you found her on a street corner at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night.

So you can go ahead and have a sit down now that you tried to make that stupid point..because the truth is your wrong. Nobody cares about that…your latest music…or the stupid stuff you keeps doing on stage….like ranting.

We truly feel for the people who are buying his expensive concert tickets hoping to just be entertained by good songs like “Through The Wire” and “Jesus Walks” without the buffoonery. It’s starting to seem like Crazy Uncle Kanye isn’t going to let that happen anytime soon.

We really hope he wakes up soon…before there is no one left to sit in the seats of his next tour.




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