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Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. got his first acting role in the 1988 comedy, “Coming To America.” In this interview with Arsenio Hall, the now Oscar Award winning thespian sets the record straight on why he was more than an extra, despite what the credits say.


In one of the most memorable scenes, Cuba is a little boy sitting in the barber seat getting a trim by one of Eddie Murphy’s many personas. He was in it for a minute or two, but he insists his part was originally longer.

“Let’s tell the truth about what went down in that b*tch,” he tells the Arsenio audience. “I had a scene in the movie. I wasn’t an actor getting his hair cut to practice on, negro! I had a scene!”

It appears that Cuba’s speaking part was more extensive, but it ended up on the cutting room floor along with his fro.  Watch him tell the story below…

Take a look at Cuba Gooding, Jr’s acting debut in “Coming To America” and tell us how he did @TheUrbanDaily


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