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You put out a single “Put the Paws On ‘Em” a little while ago, but it was a few months after the catchphrase blew up. How come you didn’t capitalize on that a little sooner? I was expecting you to announce the single and merchandise as soon as that episode aired.

I mean I have but it’s gonna come slowly but surely. I got merchandise with that phrase coming real soon. Also, you want people to have fun with it at first. You know, let them do what they do. I was kinda worried about some other stuff at the time. You watched the show. [laughs]

One of the major things we see on the show is the relationship between you and your mom, Momma Dee. We saw you trying to assert a little more independence in your life. How is y’all’s relationship now?

I’ve always been independent. It’s just when it comes to women, you feel me? Your mom’s a woman. So you bring your woman to your mama and she is gon tell you what it is. Your mama gon always know what a snake look like and what a regular creature look like. If it’s a snake, your mama gon tell you it’s a snake. Now if you keep messing with the snake and it bites you, that’s your fault.

That’s true, but being in a relationship, how do you navigate those murky waters when your mother isn’t feeling the woman you’ve chosen to be with?

Well, you’re chosen to be with one person and God is going to put that person in your life regardless because that’s what God wants. But if it doesn’t work out that means it wasn’t meant to be. Beyond the pain, the hurt, and the what ifs, you can be as famous as possible or the best rapper in the world, but if you ain’t meant to be on top and stay on top in God’s eyes, you’re gonna fall right back down. You’re gonna be at a level that He wants you to be at. That’s the same thing with relationships. If you ain’t meant to be with her, it don’t matter what you do to make her happy, you still gon wind up apart.

Now that we’ve had our Dr. Phil moment, let’s get back to you and the music. You’re called the Prince of the South. Who gave you that nickname?

I took it just like everybody else take their names. I knew that I was the only young dude who was rocking and was on some ignant stuff. You already had the King of the South and I didn’t wanna step in anybody’s toes. But as you grow, there has to be another king. You feel me?

Do you feel like your upcoming album will position you to become King of the South?

That ain’t my goal, but if it does it does. My goal is to get back in these folks face, they ears, and they brain. I want everybody to feel me-my anger, my pain because I wanna fill my pockets. I have a lot of admirers and I have a lot of admirers who confuse themselves as haters. I want them to feel it the most.

It’s about showing people you can fall down and it might take a little minute to get back up, but you gon get back up. Please believe it. If you believe in yourself and God, you gon get back up.


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