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Hip-Hop is a sport comprised of talent, skill, style, substance, and most of all ego. You get plenty of rappers and entertainers making all kinds of claims about what they’ve done for the culture. The latest Hip-Hop artist to make some sort of claim about moving the culture is T-Pain. In a recent interview with, T-Pain said that he changed music completely with his use of auto-tune.

When T-Pain spoke to the Hip-Hop publication, they asked him about how his use of auto-tune changed the game and he said, “I changed music completely, so it is good to see that, but it’s terrible to see how horrible everybody sounds with it.” T-Pain further explained that he wished people who use the music tool actually studied it the way he did. “I studied my craft, and I make sure I know how it works. I know where it comes from. I knew how Auto-Tune got invented. I studied the technology of it. Everything. Then I used it. But everybody else is slapping it on their voice and saying they got a smash.”

T-Pain is currently in the studio working on new music. To read the rest of the interview, head over to XXL Magazine’s website.



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