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One of the new upcoming R&B artist that starred on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and friend to the show, “K. Michelle”, calls into the TT Torrez show to girl talk her recently released album, Rebellious Soul, her new reality show, and having privacy in her life. She also responds to the internet rumors about her new boo NBA player Lance Stephenson!

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On if she ever knew she would be in the position she is in today:

“No, I knew God was going to make a room for my gift but I didn’t know things was going to go so well. No one thinks you’re going to get on a label that really supports you all the way. This label (Atlantic Records) has my back tremendously… I saw how much my label wanted me to win and I didn’t want to disappoint them.  I moved to New York to talk to my label about my project and the amount of time and money put into me. Everything that they (the label) were doing showed completely different energy and feeling compared to my other label and that’s what I had asked God for. This was a well-oiled machine and it was ready to go. I did not want to hold it up with my behavior or anything like that.”

Favorite song on the album:

“’Sometimes’ definitely is my favorite record. On the album I just like the old school Etta James feel. I just wanted to do a record that could be a classic record and that people could feel and touch. I think that was my best performance on the album and it was really emotional for me. So ‘Sometimes’ is my favorite record.”

On if she is going to miss Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:

“I’m going to miss some things. When you start off at something you’re always going to miss it. I was really out there crying about seeing where I had come from.  You know starting in that show and having so many obstacles and being able to knock down obstacles continuously. I was crying because of that as a whole….We started to film Love and Hip Hop New York, but I haven’t really been active because I have been on the road. I’m going on tour for almost a whole year. I’m everywhere right now trying to do my show and etc……My show is about me. I feel like people are going to get to see the crazy.”

On her new reality show possibly titled “No New Friends”:

“I’m a very guarded person. A lot of people always ask me for money. It’s really disgusting. I have my friends and a lot of people that I know don’t want anything from me. I know who they are and I know about God. Before I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown I know I have people I can talk to or call. It does get lonely even with dating. I feel like a lot of guys are trying to get at me now because of the hype of me, trying to get camera time. Dudes are groupies too. I’m just trying to figure things out. I am dating now though and he can care less about a camera.”

On if she wants more privacy:

“You know you want to but you also have fans who share your life with you. You want them to know your happy. I let my fans know when I’m very happy and very sad. I do need to do better in finding that boundary because I give them so much in the end. I have not yet to learn how to do that. When it comes to me and him (boyfriend) right now, we have our issues and days when we’re going through things. I just really don’t speak on that with him. I just want my fans to see me grow and see me happy. I am dating and I didn’t give up on love.”

On the rumors with Lance Stephenson:

“He doesn’t care. He is very focused. His mother was like where at the same point in life either were going to make it or its going to break because that’s a lot of pressure. This is a big season for him. Last season was his breakout season and it was like my breakout season. It’s time to show and prove. He gets a lot and he has to focus. We get these things like the reports from his baby mothers and she’s going to the media. It’s difficult you know and we know who’s putting the story out there. I don’t even get mad at her because I don’t take to hate the woman. She is very young and she hasn’t been through what I been through. It could hurt to see somebody that you love date a woman that you see every day. I can only image how that feel. Time is everything. Right now it’s all about fun and I want him to be focused on his season and this is my time.”